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Animation, Family
A polar bear moves to a city after losing his ice habitat. He is a dreamer who eagerly searches for an authentic life and a wanderer who struggles to adapt to his new life in a big city.

Submitted By Narae Kim

Sisters Islands
Drama, Adventure
On a boat, on their way to the Sisters Islands to scatter their father ashes, Nolan explains to his brother Magnus the legend of Minah and Linah, the two little sisters that gave name to the islands. The legend brings up unresolved family issues betw

Submitted By Miguel Angel Almagro Vargas

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The Longneck Goodbye
Comedy, Drama
A literal dinosaur aids in the emotional recovery of an isolated and hapless man.

Submitted By Creighton Satterfield

Drama, Foreign
An inexperienced soldier tries to catch a Palestinian metal thief, to prove his masculinity but the thief has other plans.

Submitted By Dekel Nitzan

Drama, Documentary
An actress in her 40s recounts sexual abuse as a young girl on sets.

Submitted By Hellin Kay

Anatomy of a Break-Up
Comedy, Romance
A quirky, fun, introspective look at the roughest part of any relationship- ending it.

Submitted By Dylan Maloney

Thriller, Drama
Down and out brothers Murphy and Ozzie lose their dog and must battle a corrupt and sinister animal control officer to get him back.

Submitted By Jason Moore

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The story of a desperate man in search for answers that leads to desperate measures.

Submitted By Paolo Mugnaini

Welcome to the World
Drama, Gay
A troubled man records a video message for his pregnant sister.

Submitted By Albert M. Chan

Casa De Mi Madre
Drama, Foreign
A fire rages in the woods near a village. This fire triggers a memory in a lonely, middle-aged woman. And this memory pushes her to utter aloud the words she's always wanted to say.

Submitted By Frank Mosley