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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why do I have to pay to have my film distributed on NewFilmmakers?

A: The package includes hosting of your video, the streaming and bandwidth cost to deliver your video to anyone who wants to watch it, and the professional encoding of your video (an $800 value).

Q: How can I make money on my film?

A: Once your film is approved for distribution, and you have paid for your Distribution Package, you can use our administration tools to set the retail price of your film. Let your audience watch it for free, or make back the cost of your distribution package by setting the price of your film (up to $20). 100% of the revenue earned on your film is yours to keep!

Q: How will my film be available to the public?

A: Your film will be available as a streaming flash video file (.FLV), a downloadable iPod compatible QuickTime file, and a Downloadable Burn to DVD file. Your film will get its own web page from which viewers can get information about the film and purchase the download.

Q: Why should I use NewFilmmakers?

A: New Filmmakers is the only site on the web which professionally encodes films to near DVD quality (1500K+). We are the only site that doesn’t restrict your video to a specific length. We are the only site that allows filmmakers to set their own pricing, and earn money for sales of their films.

Q: Who is NewFilmmakers?

A: New Filmmakers is YOU! The success of this site depends on your ability to produce great content, and tell great stories.