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Bryant Pearson

About Me
Bryant Pearson born and raised in Wyandanch, Long Island N.Y. knew that he wanted to act and perform in front of people since the age of fifteen. With great will power and everlasting self-determination embedded in his heart, Bryant would not let his family struggles deter him from the one love of his life “Acting”. Acting gave Bryant’s life a sense of pride, direction and focus. Advise from a friend, already famed actor Darryl “Chill” Mitchell, Bryant felt more than confident about his acting future. Daryl taught Bryant the basic steps to become an actor such as enrolling in acting classes, preparing a resume and seeking a knowledgeable agent. After completing his infant steps, Bryant decided to exercise his talents in the world of acting. Initially, Bryant took on small roles in local plays. However, these roles did not fill his acting desires. Bryant decided to pack up and head to Los Angeles, California. In L.A., he began to do extra-work in films such as Life, starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. As Bryant traveled back to New York, his optimistic outlook encouraged audition after audition, which landed him a lead role in a play called Scissors. Bryant still felt the need to further his acting career. This struggling actor and a couple of neighborhood friends decided to make an Independent film. Bryant co-wrote and starred in the film entitled It’s Not A Game. The release of this Independent film in his small hometown gained the support and captured the minds and hearts of many people. Locally, Bryant became known as “that kid in the movie”, as viewers warmly grasped and embraced his talent. This major acceptance inspired Bryant to write, produce and star in his very own Independent film, Luv Is Blind. Bryant was joined by a great cast and team of people who worked diligently to make this project a success. Since then Bryant obtained a character role in a big budget film entitled American Gangster starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crow. Bryant played a “Drug Dealer” in this spectacular film. This film was directed by Ridley Scott and is set to be released in November/2007. In the movie Joshua starring Sam Rockwell, Bryant played the role of a mover. This film is set to be released summer/2007. Bryant also starred in an Independent film entitled Trade Off. This film won an Audience Choice Award in the Bellmore International Film Festival. This straight to DVD movie will be out summer/2007. Recently, Bryant performed at the HBO Comedy Festival in Aspen Colorado. He was part of an up and coming comedy duo called, Bryant was in Italy for a bit shooting a film called Miracle At St. Anna directed by Spike Lee, where he played a Buffalo Soldier. Currently, Bryant just wrapped on a episode of 30 Rock. His character name was Steven Killer. Bryant Pearson strongly believes “If you really want something out of life, then you must go the distance and make it happen. With God on my side the sky is the limit”.
I am in the Cast and Crew Of:

ASSATA aka Joanne Chesimard

Documentary, Action
Crew: Actor
Starring as: Lead Escaper

Exiled in Cuba, falsely convicted, escaped fugitive ASSATA SHAKUR, lives on to fight for her freedom and justice