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Germano Cecere

Scientist, Director, filmmaker
City:New York
About Me
Germano Cecere is an Italian artist and scientist. His interest for Arts begins at the age of 9 when he started to play drums and percussion and attended the State School of Music “Conservatorio” in Italy. He collaborates with different artists from music to dance, composing his own music and participating to different festivals. He started to realize videos since 2000, participating in several national Film Festivals.
His interests are above all in document the human being's life, the traditions and rituals that characterize the history of human life and the adaptation to different environments.
At the same time he started to be interested in Science and in 2004 he got a degree in Biotechnology and then a PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics. It is the study of molecular and genetic mechanisms of evolution that influenced and oriented his artistic talent towards new form of Video Art.
He is currently living in New York where he is continuing his scientific research at Columbia University and his experimental work as visual artist.
My Films on NewFilmmakers Online

'o puorco (the pig)

Documentary, Underground

‘O puorco is an experimental documentary film based on the sacrifice of the pig in a small rural village in the south of Italy.

Time Lapse

Documentary, Unscripted

Video monitoring capture 24 hours a day throughout a working week of a male/female couple inside and outside an occupied space in the metropolitan area.