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frank craven

actor, director, musician.artist, producer, writer
City:New York City
About Me
I do a regular TV show in Manhattan since 1998 called WA/HA?
What's Ailing/Healing US America? A question we have a right/duty to ask/answer! Fridays at 9;30 Community Channel 34 RCN 82 webstreamed via see, buy my book at amazon .com (2 comedies on "God") buy my CD at or my art at
As a filmaker, I did several movies (as an actor)in the 80's on 8 & 16mm with NYU students and became so involved that I audited and did my own shorts as if I were a student there and did video (beta B&W) with Gerard Libero in NYC and Barcelona since 1982 (see Authority Vs. Majority in LincolnCenter theater on tape plus other original shows I staged with multi media) I have 4 Telly awards and The Terrorist Terrorized is one of them, My doc FREE LEONARD PELTIER NOW (available via Newfilmmakers) won a Bronze at Houston worldfest 2001, then in 2002 I won another Bronze for WTC RIP, I'm in constant mourning and 911truth til Cheney and the neoconcabal are arrested for mudering 343 FDNY and my friend Celeste Victoria (she taught me video editing at MNN, she had to decide whether to jump 90 flights or get burnt to a crisp on Sept.11,2001) Steel does not burn, concrete turns to lava. No way could such an edifice dissappear in a cloud of dust in 10 seconds by a carbon based fire, not even a wooden shack does that!
The Pentagon now has Patriot Act Fascism and a war agenda cranking for $.
I'm awake and that is why I am a filmaker, in service to our Creator.
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Free Leaonard Peltier Now! is a short expose of a current travesty of justice, First American native elder, unfairly incarcerated as explained by his lawyer Jennifer Harbury at a rally at the UN, after an anual long walk, prayer across the country.

The terrorist terrorized, Mohammad Atta meets Mohammad The Prophet.

Comedy, Comedy

The 911 teroorist "ring leader" is distraught to find out he was serving the Devil and not "God" . The Koran says there will be no killing of inoncent people and there will be no suicide, this coupled with the fact that the whole thing was a set up.