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Chuy, El hombre lobo

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Contact: Eva Aridjis   
Starring: Jesus 'Chuy' Aceves
Director: Eva Aridjis
Writer: Eva Aridjis
Producer: Eva Aridjis
Runtime: 95 min
Synopsis: Jesus 'Chuy' Aceves and a dozen living members of his extended family suffer from the very rare condition of congenital hypertrichosis, meaning they were born with excessive hair on their faces and bodies. Due to their appearance, they suffer from discrimination in all areas of their lives: the children are made fun of at school and abandoned by their 'non-hairy' parents, and the adults cannot find work unless they choose to exhibit themselves as freaks in circuses. This moving and visually arresting documentary is a portrait of Chuy and his family members. It examines their day-to-day lives and their struggle to find love, acceptance and employment.
Genre: Drama, Disability Culture
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