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On the Rise

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Contact: John Tupper   
Starring: Linda Montgomery as Bullet the Dog, Tom Shea as Zeke the Rancher
Director: John Tupper
Writer: John Tupper
Producer: John Tupper
Runtime: 4 min
Synopsis: Zeke, a well-meaning rancher, reads that his flock of sheep are a cause of global warming. With the help of his loyal dog, Bullet, and being a resourceful fellow, he solves the problem by attaching surplus weather balloons to the offending ends of his sheep. No more pollution, and no more trips to town for gas! During the afternoon nap the balloons inflate. AsBullet wakes a nearby sheep begins to rise, rear-end first. Startled, he wakes Zeke, who runs after the now floating sheep. Zeke jumps, grabs the sheep to pull it down, only inspiring it to 'let another one go.'Bullet observes in a quandary as Sheep and Zeke float away. Bullet resorts to the rifle hanging on a hammock post. Boom! Explosion! The remainder of the still earthbound flock are startled into one last great 'blast.' Zeke and burnt sheep fall to earth just as the rest of the flock rise and float off into the sunset, giving new meaning to 'air pollution.'
  Copyright: June 2009
Genre: Animation, Comedy
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