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The Impossible Itself

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Contact: Jacob Adams   
Starring: Jacob Adams
Director: Jacob Adams
Producer: Jacob Adams
Runtime: 60 min
Synopsis: Podunc Pictures is pleased to announce the completion of THE IMPOSSIBLE ITSELF--a documentary that narrates the 1957 San Quentin Prison performance of Samuel Beckett's tragi-comedy Waiting For Godot by the San Francisco Actor's Workshop. This seminal event served as the cornerstone for the use of the dramatic arts throughout the United States prison system and is strongly recommended for viewing by classes within your department that may trace the role of theatre within contemporary life. The San Quentin performance is invoked in many college 'Intro to Drama' courses (due to Martin Esslin's using it in his book The Theater of the Absurd). Where Esslin gave us the image of the 1957 San Quentin 'Godot', THE IMPOSSIBLE ITSELF develops this image into a fully developed story that is an emotional and involving experience--giving students approaching theatre for the first time an informative and inspirational depiction of what theatre is capable of--while also being a very helpful introduction to the nuances of Beckett's work. Dr. Leon Katz, Professor Emeritus of Drama from Yale University, has used IMPOSSIBLE in his 'Avant-Garde Class' and can personally vouch for its value as a teaching tool in the classroom ( and as well as Dr. David Lloyd of USC's English Department (
Genre: Drama, Educational
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