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Blonde Ringlet

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Contact: Steven Kowal   
Starring: Bryan Wells, David Hartley, Frank Kowal III, Gloria Sheehan, Jeff McGarvin, Kimberly Butts, Peter Nezafati, Quin Hooper, Ryan Wirick, Sean Gates, Steven Kowal, Taryn Nesbit
Director: Steven A. Kowal
Writer: Steven A. Kowal
Producer: Steven A. Kowal
Runtime: 87 min
Synopsis: Detective Jack Dalmas has been medically discharged from the Navy after having visions of an entity named Cadman. Before his discharge, it was his job to dispose of 'special boxes' at the Sargasso Sea. Dalmas decided to keep one of these boxes for himself, and it was shortly after this decision was made that Cadman began to haunt Dalmas's mind. After being discharged, Jack Dalmas gets a catheter in his arm where he injects himself with medicine to keep Cadman away. He then receives his first job as a 'freelance investigator'. Here, he is hired by playboy Ernest Fellows who tells him that his wife Dinah died of cirrhosis. It was in Dinah's will that her corpse be embalmed and kept in the guest room of the Fellows residence. Fellows also tells Dalmas that, shortly after the embalming, he hooked up with three women, but ended up breaking up with each woman on the same night. The following morning, the corpse of Dinah Fellows was found missing. Fellows then sets Jack Dalmas on a mission to retrieve the embalmed corpse. However, Dalmas soon discovers that he has built up an immunity to his medicine. As a result, Cadman returns and beats Dalmas with a hammer. Dalmas then uncovers the radio he stole from the Navy, and we soon discover that the radio speaks to Dalmas in a female voice and we learn that the radio can scan dreams and describe them in detail. The radio changes Dalmas's genetics to where Cadman cannot recognize him anymore. Dalmas, now with a new face and body, investigates the three women accused of stealing Dinah Fellows. Their names are Gypsy Miles, Creeda O'Gar, and Dame Edith. Gypsy Miles is unemployed and living with journalist Shad Muller, who is a friend of Ernest Fellows. During his investigations, Dalmas finds that Cadman can still enters his dreams at night...
  Copyright: 2010
Genre: Sci-Fi, Crime
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"BLONDE RINGLET is loosely based on the true story surrounding the sto. . .[click for more]"

"The most unique femme fatale in the history of cinema!"

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