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The Sparrow and the Tigress

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Contact: Billy Sharff   
Starring: Andrea Leigh, David Langford, James Rebhorn, James Warke, Jennifer Angela Bishop, Rusty De Wees
Director: Billy Sharff
Writer: Billy Sharff
Producer: Billy Sharff
Runtime: 65 min
Synopsis: With a haunting soundtrack from Pulitzer Prize winner Ornette Coleman, and striking black and white photography from first-time writer/director Billy Sharff, The Sparrow and the Tigress takes us into the shadows of a Coney Island underworld where past, present, reality and fantasy collide.A young man, Aiden Burroughs, moves to New York to pursue a dream of acting but soon finds himself cast in a play and a part he could have never imagined. Aiden (David Langford) quickly falls for the playwright's daughter (Jennifer Angela Bishop) and is led through a labyrinth of love and madness until a shocking revelation sends him back to his childhood home. Pulling the strings is eccentric playwright Ernest Tanning, brought to life in a tour-de-force performance by Hollywood veteran James Rebhorn (Independence Day, Scent Of A Woman). Also featuring Rusty DeWees (Disappearances, Where the Rivers Flow North), Andrea Leigh (Slingshot, Mo) and James Warke (Plague Town).Sparrow is writer/director Billy Sharff's feature debut in collaboration with producer E. W. Stetson (A Closer Walk). At 21, Sharff unveils a bold and unique vision, at once classical and forward-thinking. With broad influences, his focus is on such masters as Eisenstein and Hitchcock, who his father, the late Stefan Sharff, studied and worked with during his long career as filmmaker, film scholar and chairman of Columbia University's film division.
  Copyright: 2009 Sharff Productions
Genre: Drama, Coming of Age
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