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Remembering Woodhaven

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Contact: Conrad Stojak   
Starring: Chriselle Almeida, Ella Sloboda, J. D. Brown, Bern Cohen
Director: Conrad Stojak
Writer: Conrad Stojak
Producer: Amy Glickman
Runtime: 87 min
Synopsis: Based on a true story.

Bern Cohen (Holy Rollers, 27 Dresses) and J. D. Brown (The Burnt House, The Cemetery) star in “Remembering Woodhaven”.

As an aging and failed businessman, Josef Varga tries to turn his fortune around. But after falling into debt with a local gangster, he skips town, leaving his son Miro to take care of their rundown apartment.

As an aspiring writer, Miro needs to get away from the mess his father has made. Their constant warring is a distraction and he vows to leave. But when Josef returns he becomes ill, forcing Miro to take care of him.

Tensions escalate after Josef gets better and refuses to change his ways. He’s now indebted to his son who he refuses to help. After another night of hard brawling, lines are drawn and Miro refuses to aid his sickly father, no matter what the consequence, leaving Josef to befall a fate worse then death.
  Copyright: Black Seven Films 2010
Genre: Drama, Family
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Starring as: Professor

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