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The Heron and the Geisha: A Life in Dance

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Contact: Noriko Sakamoto   
Director: Noriko Sakamoto
Producer: Sean Sakamoto, Noriko Sakamoto
Runtime: 37 min
Synopsis: An elegant woman in a flowing silk kimono holds a pose, while flower petals gently fall around her. This is the figure of the grandmaster of traditional Japanese dance, Yoshie Tachibana. The graceful poses and gorgeous costumes are what her public fills theaters to watch.There is another side to the mysterious world of classical arts in Japan, and 'The Heron and the Geisha: A Life in Dance' goes behind the curtain and into the studio of a Japanese dance grandmaster. Yoshie Tachibana, the third in a line of traditional dancers, lives in the center of an ancient world made up of admirers, disciples, and artisans. Her students kneel before her, taking her harsh words with stoic calm even as tears run down their cheeks. Her wigmaker, a Tokyo artisan who makes wigs for Kabuki actors, patiently smiles as she instructs him. Her kimono salesman recalls the days when even as a young girl, Iemoto Tachibana had her kimonos custom made for special occasions.Iemoto Tachibana shows what it means to be fully committed to an art form, and how after decades of practice a person becomes a dancer. Her words and her dance reveal an art form, and a view of art, that even the most dedicated connoisseurs can never get to see.
Genre: Educational, Women
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"Thank you so much for this film! So much japanese culture and attitud. . .[click for more]"

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