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Contact: Charles Franco Calabria   
Starring: Frank Wesley (Interviewee)
Director: Charles Franco Calabria
Writer: Charles Franco Calabria
Producer: Charles Franco Calabria
Runtime: 16 min
Synopsis: Frank Wesley always wanted to farm his family's land in his native Germany. Growing up during the Weimar period, he saw his human rights erode by the Nazi takeover. At twenty, he was arrested during the 'Kristallnacht' and sent to Buchenwald prison camp. Through an unexpected Nazi 'quid pro quo', he was one of many who were released and given three days to leave Germany. Coming to the U.S., he works as a machinist and shipbuilder in Portland, Oregon. He joins the Army and is sent to Europe. He is sought by his superiors to join a special unit to liberate the camps. A twist of fate returns him to Buchenwald. Frank's account of that experience and his cathartic journey living his life as a professor of psychology, a grandfather, a novelist and an organic farmer is moving, and at times humorous. His love of Jazz and other hobbies dovetail his anecdote for living life to its fullest..."You can only be sure about the moment in any time"..."You've got to have fun when you live!"
  Copyright: Charles Franco Calabria, 2010
Genre: Drama, Documentary
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