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Contact: Michael Dafferner   
Starring: Ben Falgoust III, Dennis Vanacore, Elliot Hoffman, Greg Kubacki, Joe Duplantier, John Modell, Josh Scogin, Randy Blythe, Richard Christy, David Denio, Garret Dafferner
Director: Michael Dafferner
Writer: Michael Dafferner
Producer: Michael Dafferner
Runtime: 63 min

Michael Dafferner is a satellite engineer struggling with the mundane existence of working a nine-to-five job. During his off hours he plays in a “math-core” metal band called Car Bomb. In 2007 Car Bomb ventures out on its first U.S. tour and discovers that touring can be a very difficult and depressing experience when you are an unknown band playing an unknown genre of music for very few people. It is during this tour that Michael questions his band mates, and the other band they are touring with, to find out why they are putting so much effort into something that has so little reward. He also interviews a co-worker to find out what the people at his work think of his off-hours hobby.
The following year Car Bomb accepts an offer to open for the punk-goth bands Bella Morte and Gorgeous Frankenstein. Michael asks the more successful and accessible bands what their perspective is on groups who play “math-core”. He also probes into what “selling out” means and whether or not it is even possible to make a living as a musician. Car Bomb experiences many trials while on this tour including debt, their trailer braking down and not getting paid by promoters. Michael documents his band’s reaction to these hardships and continues to question if this hobby of his is really something he would like to do full time.
Finally, in 2009, Car Bomb opens for the well established and respected bands The Chariot and Gojira. Through his interviews with these bands he discovers the tremendous sacrifices involved in playing in an unpopular genre full time. He is also able to full fill his dream of playing in front of large and excited crowds.
After the 2009 tour, while Gojira is on tour with Metallica, Michael is offered the chance to interview the most successful band in the “math-core” genre, Lamb of God. Michael then interviews other well known artists in the “math-core” metal scene and examines why they dedicate their lives to something that has no possibility of supporting them financially for very long. By listening to what it takes to be a full time “math-core” musician Michael is able to reconcile his place in life and accept the small legacy his band will leave behind.
  Copyright: 2010 Michael Dafferner
Genre: Independent, Road Trip
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