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The Wizard of New Zealand QSM

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Contact: grant john neville   
Starring: The Wizard of New Zealand QSM
Director: Karlos Filipov, Grant John Neville
Writer: Grant John Neville
Producer: Grant John Neville
Runtime: 49 min
Synopsis: The former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Right Honorable Mike Moore ONZ, in 1990, proclaimed Ian Brackenbury Channell as the Official Wizard of New Zealand and appointed the Wizard to protect the Government of New Zealand.

Mike Moore and many others, all go onto revealing this amazing, fantastic, magical and true story.

The Wizard was born in London, England in 1932, trained as a Pilot and was a Navigator in the Royal Air Force in 1952, taught English in Iran in 1958 and obtained a double honours in Psychology and Sociology from Leeds in 1963, with participation in the first ever winning team of University Challenge, before becoming the first ever official Wizard in the World and finally honoured in 2009 by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, with the Queen’s Service Medal.

The Wizard highlights that woman cause wars through their shopping habits, points out that governments with Monarchies are more stable, formed his own Army and “Save the Males” Campaign and designed a new and Improved Universe and just “disappears” on Census night.

It was recorded that with his Magic Spells, the Wizard broke five Rain Droughts, both in New Zealand and Australia.

  Copyright: Samuel Lewis Goldsmith Productions 2011
Genre: Documentary, Comedy
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