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Neander-Jin:The Return of the Neanderthal Man

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Contact: Florian Steinbiss   
Starring: Achim Konejung, Doerte Niedermeier, Florian Steinbiss, Hanno Friedrich, Jon Chardiet, Jorge Ramírez-Suárez, Kirstin Hesse, Manuel Struffolino, Martin Jarvis, Max Massimo Tuveri, Milton Welsh, Nela Panghy-Lee, Norbert Alich, Rick Zieff, Rosalind Ayres, Sarah Muehlhause
Director: Florian Steinbiss
Writer: Jeff Hixon, Florian Steinbiss
Producer: Florian Steinbiss
Runtime: 81 min
Synopsis: Neander-Jin tells the story of the unsuspected return and time travel of mankind’s venerable forefather. It´s the reaction to this „rebirth“ by some of the species that inhabit this earth that drives this social satire. I would call it, in one way, a rather traditional comedy; caveman meets beautiful young, idealistic, environmentalist graduate student, who tries to protect him from modern society as the forces of evil struggle to kidnap him in order to retire on the media rights!

On the other hand virtual versions of the old questions of money, fame, politics and primal urges in modern disguise. The bad guys may become good guys and good girls… it´s up to you to decide! The perpetrator thinks he´s the victim and the victim becomes the perpetrator.

This film shows everyone at their worst, in a lovely way: the Germans, the Americans, the beauty with the good intentions, even the simple male prototype himself! Easy and fun on one hand, a little sharp edged on the other, hopefully enjoyable all the way through.

Neander-Jin is an ensemble piece with a young female lead and an ancient hero. The returned Neanderthal Man and ‚Forefather? brings out projections, reactions, revelation and damasking of a fine group of contemporaries: a young precocious woman, a good-hearted, straight-forward maintenance worker and his patriotic and pedantic chef, a seemingly sovereign professor, crazy mental hospital doctors longing for patients, a typical German next neighbour, a semi-criminal media supplier duo and a demi-monde, hired gun, self acclaimed American TV anthropologist and his apparently gay Latino assistant, the forefront of the nosy tabloid papers and the worldwide sensationalist TV. Out of his world into our world with a surprising return ticket the Neanderthal man reveals the best and the worst of everybody.

The genre of the original script is a mixture between drama, satire and comedy, entertaining mainstream with a dash of intelligence and a touch of social criticism. The style of the movie changes permanently into various genres and formats. From the ancient silent movie tradition to colourful modern techniques of Experimental Film and Video Clip a lot of references do appear. From directorial point of view the presentation and interpretation of the surreal and sometimes absurd and dadaistic story will be extended and emphasized by different esthetic positions, influences from Art and Experimental Film, Docu Soaps, Art House Movies and B-Movies, running down the alphabet to the trashy end, all framed in a Hollywood style opening and ending.
  Copyright: Constant Flow Productions GmbH
Genre: Comedy, Drama
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