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Director's Cut

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Contact: Elana Mugdan   
Starring: Brian Cheng, Ed Ryan, Elise Rovinsky, Eric James Eastman, Hallie York, Jake Kropac, Jessica Coles, Johnathan Fernandez, Marcus Slabine, Omar Baig
Director: Elana Mugdan
Writer: Elana Mugdan
Producer: Elana Mugdan
Runtime: 97 min
Synopsis: 'Director's Cut' is the story of Cassie Thompson, a college dropout and ex-film student who is tired of being disrespected and downtrodden. In a subconscious effort to turn her life around, she decides to make a movie. The only problem is the movie is impossible for her to film without a $100 million budget, and her cast and crew are neurotic and inexperienced, to say the least.

Cassie struggles with external conflicts - conflicts that any independent filmmaker will identify with - but the biggest problem for her lies within: she has a history of quitting when the going gets tough, and with no money and no support, she can't hope to make her movie. Will she finish and finally prove her worth, or will this end up being another mark on the long list of her failures?
Genre: Comedy, African American
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Starring as: Gary Buenido

Casting Director, Director, Editor, Location Manager, Producer

Starring as: Cassie Thompson

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