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the parallel

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Contact: jack piandaryan   
Starring: Darla Gordon, Taylor Hart, Margaret Scarborough
Director: Jack Piandaryan
Writer: Jack Piandaryan
Producer: Christine Whitmarsh
Runtime: 91 min
Synopsis: The parallel

“If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” If nobody acknowledges our existence - how do we know we exist? Our existence is acknowledged in two different places; two different times, at once… is it possible to live a parallel existence?

High school senior Danny Fitzgerald certainly didn’t think so. The town’s golden boy with the charmed life and golden girlfriend, Lynn Valentine, is about to graduate. On the night of his graduation, how-ever Danny ‘s life is forever changed by a chance encounter with a Gypsy who startles him with an alarming reality - your life is not pre-destined to follow a certain path just because you want it to; your choices determine your life. In a moment of intoxicated arrogance, Danny gives in to a night of forbidden passion with Lynn’s friend and dangerous vixen, Margie. That is the last that Danny Fitzgerald remembers.

Upon waking, Danny has a new reality - and he has no idea how he got there. 39 years old, living a dead end life with a now bitter and vengeful Margie, Danny frantically navigates through a black world that he doesn’t understand , desperately trying to get back to that night with Lynn and the Gypsy . The people around him assure him that this life is his new reality. The rest is his imagination . But Danny still believes it’s a dream and fights to get back . As things progress in this new existence , it suddenly occurs to Danny that this might not be a dream-he may have dreamt being a contented teenager , poised for great success in life.

Are either of these a dream, or has Danny ‘s life actually divided into two parallel existence-age 17 and 39? And if so, will he be able to regain the power of choice that was taken away from him, and choose his own path in life?
  Copyright: piandaryan films/jack piandaryan
Genre: Drama, Cult
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