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Elvis, Mozart and Me

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Contact: Terry Wolfe   
Starring: David Adams, Marlene Dixon, Patti Allan and Gaelen Beatty., Sibel Thrasher, Terry Wolfe
Director: Terry Wolfe, Jerry Rector
Writer: Terry Wolfe
Producer: Marlene Dixon
Runtime: 80 min
Synopsis: When a retired lawyer and his wife decide to make a movie about an accidental channeling of Mozart's nemesis they are opposed by spirits who are tired of their ex's channeling them. Two spirits are sent to sabotage the movie. When Salieri is channeled they get around to talking about sex, bringing on an intervention by the channeling author Shirley MacWhiner ("bigga boobies - this is a family channel"!
the lawyers wife meanwhile persuades GOD to negotiate a deal with the spirits anti channeling committee - two characters in the movie will denounce channeling if all the spirits in the movie are allowed to appear. The spirits appear and Shirley MacWhiner orders the homophobic Salieri to bring Terry's Elvis choreographer to come onto the channel and back to the gay nightclub where they rehearsed the Elvis number ("You Wanna Move Like Elvis"). Salieri and Shirley fall in love after Salieri denies poisoning Mozart. So do the two spirits sent to earth and the retired couple? We don't want to give away the surprise ending now do we?
  Copyright: Terry Wolfe and Marlene Dixon
Genre: Comedy, Romance
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