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Palau - Blue Sky

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Contact: Christoph Faulhaber   
Starring: Abdulghappar Abdul Rahman, Adel Noori, Ahmad Tourson, Anwar Hassan, Dawut Abdurehim, Edham Mamet
Director: Christoph Faulhaber & Daniel Matzke
Producer: Christoph Faulhaber
Runtime: 14 min
Synopsis: In November 2009, a group of six former detainees were transferred from the US detention camp at Guantánamo Bay to the Republic of Palau.

The six men are Uyghurs, an ethnic Muslim minority from Central Asia and Xinjiang province in western China. Due to the oppression by Chinese authorities they left their homeland for the neighboring country of Afghanistan. During the invasion in 2001, they were caught by bounty hunters and sold for 5.000 USD a head to the US troops.

The six Uyghurs spent more than seven years in detention. Although cleared of any wrongdoing, the Uyghurs were not returned to China because of fears they would be persecuted, or even executed, by Chinese authorities. In 2009, the US and Palauan authorities agreed upon their temporary resettlement in Palau.

Palau, an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean, is an archipelago of eight main islands plus more than 250 islets that is best known for diving and tourism and is located some 800 km east of the Philippines.

As international homeless people the six men are banned to the South Sea, some kind of paradise with sunny sky and shining water, which they cannot leave on their own.
  Copyright: Faulhaber/Matzke
Genre: Documentary, Asian
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