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Alien Connection

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Contact: Michael Corriere   
Starring: Carl, Christopher Gonzalez, Ellen Pavloff, Elliot Passantino, Jim Reynolds, John Blackwell, John DeBlasio, Lewis Gardner, Rimpici, Roco DePerno, Scott Danni, Stefan Bolz, Steve, Tom DelFavero, Worner, Yury Trykun, Brian T. Fiorio, Robert Nesi
Director: Michael Corriere
Writer: Michael Corriere
Producer: Michael Corriere
Runtime: 49 min
Synopsis: Alien Connection is film based on historical events that took place from June 24th, 1947 to Sept. 24th, 1947. The film introduces two new 'smoking gun' documents that will shed new light on the Roswell crash in New Mexico on or about July 1st, 1947. The film will also examine the crash of a B25 that killed two Army Air Force Intelligence Officers under very mysterious circumstances while they were on a UFO mission!Were they they victims of sabotage? If so by whom...the Americans? Or were the Soviets somehow involved?It is the first UFO documentary ever done that has no testemonials or ufologists in it! Something I am very proud of! I hope it will force the military to come clean.
  Copyright: 2011
Genre: Documentary
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Starring as: British Spy

Starring as: Frank Brown

Starring as: President Truman

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