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Tears of Bankers

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Contact: rick schmidt   
Starring: Allen Bell, Barry Norman, Bill Roberts, Brittany Hannah, Chris McHagge, Derek Bell, E. Wright Ledbetter, Gregg Parnell, Haley Parnell, Holly McHagge, Paige Parnell, Roger Miller, Sid Eudy, Stan Jackson
Director: rick schmidt
Writer: rick schmidt
Runtime: 100 min
Synopsis: TEARS OF BANKERS follows the mortgage meltdown of Mr. Barry Norman's B&B, owned and operated by himself and his wife Brittany (Brittany Hannah) in the small town of Rome, Georgia. At the beginning, Norman states his distain for bankers; they will rule soon on his loan and prospects for the future ('ten words that decides basically the rest of my life'). Since Norman has kept his present financial problems secret from Brittany, she's remained confused by her husband's increasingly erratic behavior. Real-life stories from the B&B staff, a B&B guest, a landscaper and Brittany herself, reflect on how others have coped under adversity. Can epic love triumph in a busy Paris airport? What role does luck play in surviving a near fatal head injury? Is America a 'place of excess' compared to China and elsewhere? And can we beat the irrational and frantic worries of old age? In one of Norman's stories we hear about his life-long struggle with depression, due, perhaps, to losing his mother at an early age. When he reveals his inability to feel unconditional love toward Brittany – he fully experienced it with his mother and grandmother – we're almost convinced that his early losses and messy prior divorce have turned his heart cold. As the loan deadline approaches, Norman wonders if he will again lose a house AND a wife (his second) to the machinations of the banking industry. Only a miracle can save him, as the money men move in for the kill.
Genre: Drama, Jewish
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