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Contact: Steven Saylor   
Starring: Cindy Spitko, Damon Bonetti, Johnnie Hobbs Jr., Kirk Wendell Brown, Kittson O'Neill, Rachel Camp
Director: Steve Saylor
Writer: Lisa Carin, Steve Saylor
Producer: Leilani Goode
Runtime: 109 min
Synopsis: A young writer for a newspaper’s website becomes curious, then intrigued, and finally obsessed with the strange behavior of the woman in the adjacent apartment. A police photographer who also shows work in galleries, this woman has lately been spying on a seemingly unimportant man for reasons the writer cannot make sense of. When she uses her police connections to frame her quarry for a brutal murder, the writer determines to get to the bottom of the mystery he’s stumbled onto. Though motivated by curiosity and a genuine belief that his neighbor is on a self-destructive mission, he also has been drawn to her for more primal reasons: obsessed with her provocative self-portraits, he is as much erotically beguiled as he is professionally curious or legitimately concerned for her welfare. The more he discovers about the woman’s past and the identity of the man she has targeted, the clearer it becomes that she harbors a painful — and potentially deadly — secret.
  Copyright: ©2012 Steve Saylor
Genre: Drama, Thriller
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Art Director, Costume Designer/Costumer, Hair Stylist, Make-Up, Make-up - Special Effects/Prosthetics

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