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Contact: Curtis Henderson   
Starring: Albert Wayne Dickey, Anitra Carter, Bob Wilson, Calvin Henderson, Charlie Colter, Colleen Giusti, Curtis Henderson, Jamonica Russell, Josie Latimer, LaNetta Callicutt, Terrance Hatton, Tony Woods, Victor Burton
Director: Curtis Henderson
Writer: Curtis Henderson
Producer: Curtis Henderson
Runtime: 93 min
Synopsis: "The Grandmother Baby Scam" is based on a true story about two struggling Fathers who falls in love with the wrong women. Trayvon thought he had found his soul mate. Michael thought he had found his best friend, they find themselves later on in life trapped in an organize conspiracy between the "Babies Mother and the Adopted Grandmother". Trayvon is a man with a good heart his world shattered and comes tumbling down. Another one of his babies has been signed off to the Adopted Grandmother to take full legal Guardianship of his Baby's Mother and his loving Babies. An organize conspiracy to buck the system so that his Baby's Mother would get a check and the "Adopted Grandmother" would get a check. Trayvon learns about the Adopted Mother, and the Mother of his kids has had a recurring role for fighting against him to not let him be a Father to his own Children. The "Adopted Grandmother" holds an ominous secret to schemes and creates hardship. She tries to Adopt Trayvon's and Michael’s Babies without their consent. Trayvon and Michael fines out the hard way the "Adopted Grandmother" is a sociopath. Shes in it for control, power, money, greed and selfishness, she encourage her Daughter to pretend to love, enticing her in a slick trickery way so that her Adopted Daughter could get pregnant and have Babies for the love of money. The big twist in this movie is when Trayvon totally gives up on his kids, while Michael continues to fight for his rights until the end.
  Copyright: (C)2012
Genre: Drama, Family
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Starring as: SSI case worker CPS social worker

Starring as: Wayne: The Welfare Applicant

Actor, Camera Operator - Film, Casting Director, Composer, Dubbing Mixer
Starring as: Charlie the adopted Father and Michael.

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"I had fun filming the movie. I'm going to ask Mrs. Nikkie to show thi. . .[click for more]"

"Jaw dropping and exciting! "

"Breath taking and great awareness. A must see film. "

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