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Why Hire a Killer?

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Contact: Oscar Sanders   
Starring: Edward Robinson, Robert Hill. Marisol Vidal
Director: Oscar Sanders
Writer: Oscar Sanders
Producer: Oscar Sanders
Runtime: 75 min
Synopsis: In 2008, Nick Thurgood Marshall (Robert Hill) is the host of an increasingly popular Canadian talk show entitled Speak Out. But when Nick gets some bad news about his health, he suddenly begins to experience symptoms associated with a rare illness called Phantom Death. It’s not until Samantha (Marisol Vidal), a mysterious caller to his show reminds him of his past transgressions in 2006, that the true reason behind his malady is revealed. The years 2006 and 2008 are emeshed together through a desperate woman and a deceitful man who only have themselves to protect. When Samantha's husband and Nick Marshall turn up dead suspicion only grows. Leaving Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (the site of the crimes) and moving through Atlantic City, New Jersey to discard of the weapon, Samantha needs to find a new home where she can blend in and renew her life, she travels across the border to Toronto, Canada. But what a coinsidence, There happens to be a hip Philadelphian who has taken Toronto by storm with his radio talk show entitled, SPEAK OUT. It doesn't take long her to realize that this is that man that she had killed in Philadelphia in 2006. She visits his home saying the she had car trouble and needed to make a call for roadside assisstance. He just got some bad news from his doctor that he had some abnormal levels in his bloodwork and needed to see his doctor. She told him that it seemed like he was suffering from Phantom Death, a medical phenomena that remains unexplained in the annals of medicine. He lives his life going to work and eventually experiencing a metal poisoning episode that really rocks his belief system. Throughout this period, he confides in a friend that is also the producer of his radio show. The only support Nick has throughout this period in his life is the show’s producer Don (Edward Robinson) who eventually has unanswered questions of his own. From the producers and director of SPLITTING HAIRS 2.0: CASE COLD, Why Hire A Killer? explores the dangers of honesty and the validity of the old saying, we reap what we sow.
  Copyright: 2009
Genre: Drama, Thriller
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