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Company Info:
Olmos Productions began in 1980 with the production of The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez. Started by Actor/Producer/Director, Edward James Olmos, the company continues to produce many landmark films such as Stand and Deliver for Warner Bros., My Family (Mi Familia) for New Line Cinema, American Me for Universal Studios, Roosters for American Playhouse, and Mirages for MCA/Universal, and Walkout for HBO. It has also produced several documentaries, including Lives in Hazard and It Ain’t Love.

The company is moving into its next phase of evolution. As it aggressively develops projects to service its TV deal and its feature film division, it will launch into the new media markets this year - offering its unique multicultural mandate to the emerging market of cutting edge technologies and entertainment.

Submission Details:
Feature Films, action, drama, comedy, thriller, high concept, shorts, web series, pilots. Looking for content we aggregate through our distribution contacts, alongside television targeted content we can present through our television deal.
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