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Company Info:
YTINIFNI is a domestic and international sales agency and distribution company based in Los Angeles, California managed by a very experienced team with more than 60 years of combined experience in the distribution and licensing of movies. In order to meet the demands of our modern economy and culture, we realize this industry must be willing to adapt- so we’re rethinking the way we approach distribution.
From development to marketing, technology has extended mankind’s reach further than ever before. YTINIFNI networks with 184 territories across the globe, and over 200,000 active buyers: Stealth Media, High Fliers, Lions Gate in the UK; HBO in Europe, Latin America, USA, and Asia; Cp Digital, Bazelevs, Central Partnership in Russia; Cineplex in Asia; Every major and minor theater chain, television channel, station, vod platform and syndicator in the US and around the world, and every single Major and small retailer in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico. These and many more are part of our database, which is updated daily so absolutely no one is forgotten about.
We do physical Home Entertainment, and merchandise Distribution in the USA and other territories We are in direct contact with national retailing buyers to place any DVD, CD, Blue Ray, Books, Merchandise, etc in any Major and Smaller retailers from 84 countries like : BARNES & NOBLE, BED BATH & BEYO- ND, BORDERS,COSTCO, CVS, KB TOYS, TOYS R US, SEARS, SAM'S CLUB, TARGET, WALGREEN'S, WAL-MART USA and hundreds more (see a more comprehensive list at the and of this presentation) We can design, create and manufacture the DVD, BLUE RAY, 3D BLUE RAY, Toys and any kind of merchandise, and technology the project needs in order to find great success.
Submission Details:
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