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Unicorn Sky

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Contact: Elliot Passantino   
Starring: Andrew Matthews, Connor KInsman, Daria Berenato, Dave Braun, Dave Michaels, Josh Bacher, Mark Demicco, Mike Kazimir, Robert Leckington, Wendy Schibener, Evi Siskos
Director: Elliot Passantino
Writer: Elliot Passantino
Producer: Elliot Passantino
Runtime: 84 min
A criminal Navy Seal dressed as Santa Claus. Flight patterns dropping chemtrails across NJ and NY. A CIA conspiracy. A machine capable of changing the climate. These are the things NJ reporter Nicole Startz will discover on her journey to the truth surrounding a top
secret facility known as Faculty 13 hidden in the highlands of NY's Harriman State Park. After the disappearance of their conspiracy nut hiker
friend Nate, activist Jonathan Patmos and mystic J.G. Gurdjieff seek out the aide of socially conscious reporter Nicole Startz in blowing the whistle on the facility believed to have kidnapped Nate. After J.G. disappears off into Harriman to find Nate and confront the horror of Faculty 13, Nicole becomes convinced enough to rekindle her relationship with her estranged father, ex-CIA scientist Zagreus Mersault. When Zagreus confesses his involvement in the creation of Faculty 13, the CIA's black ops become alarmed, sending everyone from grizzled
CIA bagmen, Russian femme fatales and masked
assassins to stop Nicole and friends from blowing the whistle on Faculty 13. As the body count rises, Nicole's mission to uncover the truth at last brings her to the doorstep of Faculty 13 and the Santa Claus dressed Navy
Seal. A Faculty 13 guinea pig, the Navy Seal recently escaped, only to discover the Faculty's weather tampering experiments have made it nearly impossible to find a way out of Harriman State Park. Inspired by Nicole and a barely alive J.G. Gurdjieff, the Navy Seal at last discovers a way to freedom and the possibility of exposing Faculty 13's insidious nature.
  Copyright: 2014
Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure
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