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Mezzanotte Obscura

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Contact: Lori Petchers   
Starring: Thomas Mezzanotte
Director: Lori Petchers
Producer: Lori Petchers
Runtime: 24 min
Synopsis: ƒ??What is an artist but a seeker?ƒ? - Thomas Mezzanotte, artistTucked away in an old factory in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Thomas Mezzanotte has made the exploration of alternative process photography his lifeƒ??s work. Continually questioning our visual perception of the world and inspired by the 17th century experiments of Descartes, Mezzanotte uses his handmade pinhole cameras to illustrate that the way we recognize the world is not at all how our eye actually sees it. He explodes with ideas about art, science, history and religion. And despite his continual distraction of his own thoughts, he performs painstaking meticulous tasks in his attempt to capture photographic magic through the tiny hole in the pinhole camera. This film takes an inside look into an artistƒ??s all consuming passion and his creative process as he painstakingly constructs an innovative body of work. Scientific in nature, but aesthetically compelling, the nude images he ultimately creates blur the line between art and science and beget the question, ƒ??What really is visual truth?ƒ?
Genre: Science, Reality
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