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The Mermaid Complex

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Contact: Adrienne Friedberg   
Starring: Dayana Mendoza, Devon Spence, Marlo Marron, Raffaella Meloni, Sasha Knezevic, Zane Carney
Director: Adrienne Friedberg
Writer: Adrienne Friedberg
Producer: Marius Cichon
Runtime: 19 min
Synopsis: A 19-minute film about a young songwriter (rising star Raffaella Meloni) with a crippling stutter and a perfect cyberspace boyfriend (Zane Carney) that she refuses to meet in person. Comfortable only in her Disney-fueled imagination, she's convinced she’s a mermaid cursed by a sea witch. When her roommate (Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza) forces her to go out and play in the real world she has to find a way to leave the fairy tales behind and maybe actually meet the man of her dreams. But if she does, will the magic wear off?
A charming story suitable for all audiences, with original songs performed by world-class musicians.
  Copyright: 2013
Genre: Romance, Drama
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