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Snow White II: The Day of the Wicked Mothers

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Contact: Alex Sclar   
Starring: Ashley Bloom, Ashley Mitchell, Bill Weeden, Bruce Smolanoff, D.L. Sams, Diane Shilling, Elissa Middleton, Fred Rueck, Jocelyn Vameer, Kim Weiler, Melissa Mazza, Pamela Shaw, Rebecca Street, Stacy Ayn Price, Steve Arons, Suzy Kimball, Victoria Lauzun
Director: Alex Sclar
Writer: Alex Sclar
Producer: Emma De Caires
Runtime: 72 min
Synopsis: Once Upon a time on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Lillith the wicked mother's world is falling apart. Her husband's mind is drifting away, the cult of wicked mothers is getting old and dying or just moving to Florida.
At the same time Lillith is forgetting about the fruit in the fruit drawer that she just bought last Tuesday.
Worst of all, no one seems to care.
She lashes out at Snow White who drinks vodka, dances, takes naps, makes prank calls, and commits felony breaking and entering with her Goldilocks.
Lillith attempts to finally destroy her nemesis in a battle of evil versus ineptitude.
Genre: Comedy, Underground
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Starring as: SNOW WHITE

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