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Jillian Dillon

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Contact: Yvette Edery   
Director: Yvette Edery
Writer: Robert M Charde
Producer: Yvette Edery
Runtime: 5 min
Synopsis: NYU Puppetry and Film Professor, Yvette Edery, debuts her Foretoken Collection Film series with Jillian Dillon, the hippoplatypus tale, proving that the universe provides solutions to even the most challenging and surreal situations. Jillian Dillon's father is a hippo and her mother is a platypus, thus she is a hippoplatypus. The other school children, the bunnies, bears, lions, and raccoons, not knowing any other hippoplatypi, give her a very hard time. Jillian is lost as her grandmother goose reassures her that as a hippoplatypus she has something special to offer the world and that one day she will shine. Jillian saves the day!Told through toy theater puppetry (with over 50 puppets in four minutes), live action animation, and HDMI technology combining still photo with video, Jillian Dillon is a tale for young and old, near and far, of empowered individuals fighting challenging prejudices and providing insight to through fantasy characters, which people of all nationalities can relate to and join in their message of joy and love. Audiences say, 'Aww....'
  Copyright: Yvette Edery
Genre: Alternative, Family
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