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GEHENNA: Darkness Unleashed

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Contact: Ka Zarr Coleman   
Starring: Akiba Robinson, Jae Boddie, Ka Zarr Coleman, Lauren Cash, Therron Dumas , W. Keith Scott, X-Kayya Dumas, Caleb Jackson
Director: Ka Zarr Coleman
Writer: Ka Zarr Coleman
Producer: Ka Zarr Coleman
Runtime: 104 min
Synopsis: This horror/Thriller feature film GEHENNA opens with an intense scene with a large man running through the woods screaming frantically for his life. As he approaches a seemingly abandon old garage, out of the middle of the fog and darkness an unseen large image(Antagonist) ascends from beneath the fog. Within a minute he over powers the large man who desperately try’s to escape from being pulled into the darkness. Three days later a group of hikers accidentally stumble upon badly mangled body parts and quickly report it to the police.

Over the next two weeks several murders are discovered, all the killing appear to be committed using some sharp object and still no one including the police has a clue how or why they are occurring. Seasoned police detective Roger Cook(Protagonist) is a burnt-out burly looking investigator who is earnestly looking forward to retiring in 10 days. What appears to be a small quite community quickly finds themselves caught up in the middle of true battle between good and evil.
  Copyright: All Rights Reserved by KA ZARR PRODUCTIONS
Genre: Horror, Thriller
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Starring as: Caleb Jackson W. Keith Scott Lauren Cash JAE Boddie Akiba Robinson Chris Kennedy

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