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Two Little Bitches

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Contact: Dava Krause   
Starring: Julia Joyce Barry, Quincy Dunn Baker, Emmy Harrington
Director: Emmy Harringotn
Writer: Emmy Harrington
Producer: Dava Krause
Runtime: 75 min
Synopsis: In the turmoil of an ugly breakup, Camille, unbridled and creative, seeks the help of her straight laced and polite sister, Elena. Elena comes to the rescue, but her deep frustration as the perennial caretaker is ignited. A passionate moment of betrayal knocks her off her carefully constructed moral high ground, and she has to choose to either make things right with her sister, or keep her secret and maintain the emotional status quo. Before Elena can decide, Camille discovers her secret, and presents Elena with an ultimatum that changes the sisters forever.

In TWO LITTLE BITCHES, these sisters embody two archetypes: the “good girl” who politely follows the rules, and the “bad girl” who follows her heart in defiance of them. In this seventy-two hour character study, we see the dualistic challenge many women face; it seems there is no safe way to play your cards. Either way you're the bitch. In the end, we’re left with real women rather than clichés. It turns out they are both good and bad, right and wrong and most importantly, they need each other.
Genre: Drama
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