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Tree House Time Machine

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Contact: Alan Ritchson   
Starring: Austin Fryberger, Caleel Harris, Elisha Henig, Emily Alyn Lind, Steele Stebbins, Alan Ritchson
Director: Alan Ritchson
Writer: Alan Ritchson
Producer: Catherine Ritchson, Dan Spilo, DJ Viola, Alan Ritchson
Runtime: 13 min
Synopsis: A love of history is what spurred the original idea for Tree House Time Machine. The idea came to me after reading The History of the Ancient World, by Susan Wise Bauer. The visuals that would dance in my head of the people, places, triumphs and struggles that have gone before us still linger large in my mind. But as a self-professed amateur historian it’s our never changing human nature that I find so fascinating. The circumstances change, but I feel we would do things much the same way had we walked in the shoes of any number of history’s most notable names. Our humanity somehow remains relatable throughout all time. Therefore, we have much to learn from it.

David Brooks sums up my feelings on the importance of revisiting history best in, The Road to Character. He writes:

"The work of the Roman biographer Plutarch is based on the premise that the tales of the excellent can lift the ambitions of the living. Thomas Aquinas argued that in order to lead a good life, it is necessary to focus more on our exemplars than on ourselves, imitating their actions as much as possible. The philosopher Alfred North Whitehead argued, “Moral education is impossible without the habitual vision of greatness.” In 1943, Richard Winn Livingstone wrote, “One is apt to think of moral failure as due to weakness of character: more often it is due to an inadequate ideal. We detect in others, and occasionally in ourselves, the want of courage, of industry, of persistence, which leads to defeat. But we do not notice the more subtle and disastrous weakness, that our standards are wrong, that we have never learned what is good.”

The internet of things has brought this current generation together in ways our ancestors could never have dreamed. Ironically, it’s also left us the most detached, isolated and individualistic people of any society. We live in a world where shadows are everywhere. Our experiences, relationships and connections in many ways look like the real thing, but upon closer examination (and perhaps some soul searching) we will find often times they’re a dimly lit reflection of some greater figure.

Tree House Time Machine seeks to reconnect this generation through a highly entertaining and nostalgic lens to the ghosts of history. Who, I think, still call to us as they long to reveal truths about tomorrow.

-Alan Ritchson
  Copyright: 2017
Genre: Family, Adventure
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