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In Our Care

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Contact: Selena Rhine   
Director: Selena Rhine
Producer: Selena Rhine
Runtime: 26 min
Synopsis: In Our Care follows a group of Latina and Caribbean immigrant women as they participate in a Nanny Training Course: a course designed to inform working nannies about their rights (and lack thereof), how to exert them in the workplace, and skills associated with childcare. This documentary reveals the complexity of being a nanny, and gives insight into the dynamic women who do it professionally.

Maria considers the extraordinary value of her work, while exploring its inherent sacrifices; Patricia conveys both her close relationship with the child under her care for 6 1/2 years, while simultaneously the tenuous relationship with her employers; Allison explores the balance all nannies must strike between their own families and those they care for.

As the women bravely tell their stories as caregivers, mothers, immigrants, survivors of abuse, and as part of a workforce that is unregulated and regarded unskilled, In Our Care compels the viewer to examine how these themes are playing out in our contemporary streets and homes.
  Copyright: Selena Rhine 2010
Genre: Documentary, Urban
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