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Green Valley

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Contact: jess lofland   
Starring: Bill Elverman, Ian Denny, Jake Price, Jay Hindle, Jess Lofland, Kate Higgins, Tyler Penn, Whitmer Thomas
Director: Josh Barry
Writer: Jess Lofland, Josh Barry
Producer: Jess Lofland, Josh Barry
Runtime: 104 min
Synopsis: Jess and Jake set off to meet up with their friends, Frank and Eric, on their annual trip to Green Valley Lake, Ca.
On the first night in the cabin, Jess shows the others a home video with a disturbing secret. The video shocks Eric, while Jake and Frank seem disturbed yet strangely indifferent.

As the three days come to pass, the quiet discord created from the video is compounded by Jess striking up a new friendship with an unhinged local man.

Various negative elements of their friendships are exposed when Eric fails to get Jake and Frank on board with confronting Jess. Jake carries himself with a dismissive, self-involved attitude, having an affair with a local woman. Frank becomes physically ill and almost completely forgotten by his friends.

Green Valley is an uncomfortably quiet examination of lost male friendship and disturbing violence. It explores the way men struggle to communicate amidst their self-destructive nature.
  Copyright: Barry Lofland Productions
Genre: Drama
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