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Quiet Shoes

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Contact: Isaac Olsen   
Starring: Aaron Salinas, Ericka Kendall, Mike Stewart, Dale Phillips
Director: Isaac Olsen
Writer: Isaac Olsen, Kurt Kendall
Producer: Fern Hilldebrandt
Runtime: 122 min
Synopsis: Rick Savage is a down and out private dick destined for failure, that is until he acquires a new pair of shoes. Shoes that will lead him down a path littered with mysterious strangers, dead end leads, the sound of gunfire, and the stench of something very fishy. The bodies are piling up! can Savage solve this case before the next body on the pile is his? He'd better; he still has overdue library books to return, and the late fees are outrageous!

Quiet Shoes is a soft boiled noir, set in an unidentified time and place, and shot in a visually stunning fashion- showcasing a plethora of gritty urban locations and environments.
Crafted on a humble budget, but showcasing every cent on the screen and then some- Quiet Shoes is a case study in style and substance.
  Copyright: Schnelluloid
Genre: Comedy, Underground
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