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Contact: Sarah E.   
Starring: Alyse Lamb, Andy Ardenski, Bob Schwecherl, Dan Langan, emilyis, HannaH, Jeffrey Maleri, Jennifer Hill, Jennifer Klepacki, Kerry Kozaczuk, Laura Fitzpatrick, Lily la Vamp, Nathan Rose, Rachel Borovik, Ruby Solitaire, Sarah E., Sarah LeMieux, SaraQ
Director: Sarah E.
Producer: Sarah E.
Runtime: 150 min
Synopsis: SWAN Day is an international holiday founded by WomenArts (formerly called The Fund for Women Artists), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women in all genres of art all over the world. On the last Saturday of March each year, women all over the world celebrate SWAN through music, dance, poetry, art, jewelry-making, design and mixed media.SWAN Day CT, Connecticut's version of the festival, takes it to a whole new level. SWAN Day CT is the only SWAN celebration in Connecticut, and it incorporates every medium of art out there. Everything that is created with passion by passionate women is welcome on this day.Directed by Sarah E., this is the story of the third annual SWAN Day CT, an event organized by Jennifer Hill, the frontwoman of the band Jennifer Hill and Co. The event includes live bands who rock the house, burlesque, artists, photographers, jewelry-makers, designers, and vendors of all different types.Getting this event off the ground proved to be a challenging, yet rewarding, experience. Come see first-hand Jennifer Hill's journey of accepting musicians and artists into the event, pressing on despite chauvinistic abuse and manipulation from the venue, and the celebration that was the night itself. Also see sit-down interviews between Sarah E. and the musicians and artists scheduled for the night, including: Jennifer Hill, Kerry Kozaczuk, Rachel Borovik, Laura Fitzpatrick, EULA, Petulant Child, HannaH's Field, Jennifer Klepacki, Sarah LeMieux, emilyis, Cori Presutti, Marisa Copley and Christina Cirillo.This is not just any women's show. Everyone is invited to come and see this show! (Gentlemen, this means YOU). These women are true artists, and they want the support of the community. They want ALL people - every gender, race, creed and everything inbetween - to come in and enjoy the art that they have created. These women are bold and determined people. When they are faced with any kind of sexism or ignorance on anyone's part, they press on, even stronger.These are women who rock, don't take any crap, and create incredible work despite what anybody else expects of them. As the event's tagline goes, 'NOT YOUR MAMA'S ART SHOW!'
  Copyright: Hells Bells Productions, LLC
Genre: Women, Documentary
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Cameraman/Videographer, Director, Editor
Starring as: Self

Starring as: Kerry Kozaczuk

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