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Contact: Natasha Baptiste   
Starring: Christine Ahanotu, Johnny Faulkner, Patricia Gonzalez, Will Britton
Director: Natasha Baptiste
Writer: Natasha Baptiste
Runtime: 6 min
Synopsis: It's 7pm on a cold Fall evening, and LAMONT, a 32-year old, Husky, African American Male is sitting in the parking lot with his friend, TONY, a very slim, African American male, 20s, wearing a black hoody and blue jeans, discussing his plan to kill his girlfriend, KATIE PRINCE, a 24-year old, frail, African American female. LESLIE JOHNSON, a 27 year old Accounting Executive, Hispanic woman is leaving work with her secretary, Katie. The two women head to the covered parking garage they notice Tony, standing in front of the door. Leslie hesitates to leave her secretary but is assured by Katie that everything is fine. Leslie goes out disconcerted and drives away. Katie confronts Tony, about why he’s at her job, and he tells her, Lamont is in the parking lot and wants to talk to her. Lamont is Katie’s abusive boyfriend and Katie apparently has informed Lamont that the relationship is over. Katie goes to talk to Lamont reluctantly, and they end up fighting in Lamont’s SUV. The fight then ensues outside the car into the parking lot. Leslie, at this time turns back around after having second thoughts. When she arrives back to the parking lot she notices Lamont standing over Katie and he’s beating her up badly. Leslie goes to dial 911 but her phone dies. While Leslie looks at the altercation, Tony drags her out of the car at knife point. Lamont then yells to his partner to bring the second victim over. At this point Lamont has a gun and is ready to kill the both of them.Once the two women are lined up against car, Lamont gives the gun to Tony. Tony begins to shake with the gun and Lamont snatches the gun away. Lamont points the gun at Katie and she closes her eyes. Two gunshots go off, the screen goes black and returns with Lamont on the ground and Tony about a foot away on the ground as well. Leslie goes to finish Lamont off, when he raises the gun to try to kill Katie one last time. Leslie shoots a final time and the gun falls out of Lamont’s hand. The two women walk away to their car, leaving the men in the parking lot to die.
Genre: Drama, African American
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Starring as: Tony

Starring as: Lamont

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"Great Storyline and twist at the end..."

"Excellent story line and cast. For a short film of 6 min long, it rea. . .[click for more]"

"To the Director of this film, I just want to tell you Bravo. Not too . . .[click for more]"

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