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The Bellman Equation

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Contact: Gabriel Bellman   
Starring: Betty Jo Ballard, Charles Goldstein, Gabriel Bellman, Kirstie Bellman, Stuart Drefuss, Teddy McCombs, Thelma Estrin, Eric Bellman
Director: Gabriel Leif Bellman
Writer: Gabriel Leif Bellman
Producer: Gabriel Leif Bellman
Runtime: 78 min
Synopsis: One of the most influential mathematicians of the 20th century, Richard. Bellman was a pioneer in the field of computer science. Bellman's work changed the perception of the application of mathematics within science. The term 'Bellman Equation' is a type of problem named after its discoverer, in which a problem that would otherwise be not possible to solve is broken into a solution based on the intuitive nature of the solver. Applied in control theory, economics, and medicine, it has become an important tool in using math to solve really difficult problems. A fiercely independent and controversial figure, Mr. Bellman published more than 40 books and 600 papers before his early death of a brain tumor. The inventor of the field of dynamic programming was persecuted by McCarthy, worked on the Manhattan project, and remained as much a mystery as the problems he conquered.
  Copyright: 2010
Genre: Documentary
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"Classic portrayal of family and math"

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