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Charge It to the Game: The Effects of Gun Violence in Brooklyn (Full Version)

High Quality On-Demand Stream (Full-Screen) iPod compatible Quicktime/MOV

Contact: Joan Gabbidon   
Starring: YCP Participants, YCP Participants
Director: Joseph Rodman
Writer: Susan-Sojourna Collier
Producer: Charles J. Hynes
Runtime: 70 min
Synopsis: Charge It to the Game is a documentary created with the contributions of participants in the Youth and Congregations in Partnership Program (YCP), an alternative to incarceration program of the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. Their involvement in front of and behind the camera was a vital component in the central aim of the project: educating and galvanizing Brooklyn communities to affect change and produce safer neighborhoods, starting with its youth.After opening with the stunning statistic that approximately every two days a life is claimed by gun violence in Brooklyn, the film offers an insider’s look at the consequences of gun violence from an array of viewpoints. A mother shares the gripping account of the death of her teenage son and how his tragedy compelled her to launch a grassroots effort to prevent more children from the same fate. A former gang member recounts her near-death experience from gun-inflicted injuries which lead her to turn her life around and inspired her career path in comforting grieving families. Now armed with first-hand knowledge of the grim reality of life behind bars, two men testify of the life altering effects of being imprisoned 25 and 18 years, respectively, for murder. The chief prosecutor of Brooklyn, D.A. Charles J. Hynes, discusses the pervasiveness of gun violence, its correlation to gang violence and the measures his office is taking to curb this offense. Also included in the cast of witnesses: a correctional services librarian relaying his observations of youth he encountered on Riker’s Island; a medical doctor reporting on the multitude of emergency room cases due to gun violence and the magnitude of the resulting injuries; a funeral home director describing the rarely seen passage from morgue to memorial (note: includes partial images of a corpse with exposed extremities – arm, lower legs, feet); and a local pastor attesting to the necessity of greater community involvement.Dispersed throughout the film are penetrating questions which cut to the heart of the issue and engage the viewers in critical analysis of themselves and their communities: … “What are the consequences?” … “What causes gun violence?” … “What are the solutions?” … “How do we heal the wounds?” … And, most pointedly, “What’s your decision?”From beginning to end voices of YCP participants and community youth echo their all-too-common experiences with neighborhood shootings as they rehearse their fears, lessons learned, hopes and dreams. They combine in a collective voice providing the reality check that any glamour associated with gun violence is manufactured hype. Their profoundly moving narrative under girds the crux of the documentary: the high cost of gun violence is “charged to the game” at the expense of Brooklyn’s young people, families and communities.
Genre: Educational, Crime
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