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MASSAGE-An Inside Story Disc 2 (part 3)

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Contact: L. LESTINE   
Starring: Dr. Sidney Zerinsky, Joe Weger, Joyce Johnson, Laura Deponte, Lewis Harrion, Reggie Cesear, Renate Novak, Bob Altheim , Lestine
Director: LESTINE
Runtime: 46 min
Synopsis: From sports and Hollywood stars to investment bankers and soccer moms, Massage is now accessible to everyone. There’s probably a Spa down the street or in a mall near you. But are these spas exploiting massage therapists? Who's buying up massage schools? And is there really a corporate takeover of the healing arts? Massage-An Inside Story is a 3-part documentary that answers these questions and more. The film is a platform for some veteran massage therapists, teachers, school owners and spa managers to 'speak out'—quite candidly—about the conflicts and challenges they face today.

One chapter pays homage to a prestigious school: The Swedish Institute in New York City, while another chapter in part 3: ‘The Dark Side of Massage’, features a 'newbie' massage therapist describing those unpleasant situations where a client wants a 'happy ending'.

Inspired by an unsettling event described in the beginning of the film and using interviews, action, stills and cinema verite, the filmmaker, who is also a veteran massage therapist, presents a personal snapshot of a profession few people know about. If you give massages, receive massages, are interested in becoming a massage therapist or just curious about the massage world, then you simply ‘must see’ this film.

This disc also includes 'Special Features' menu.
View Disc 1 for Parts 1&2
  Copyright: 2010/11
Genre: Documentary, Unscripted
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