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Valor's Kids

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Contact: Kai Mariah   
Starring: Jennifer Nguyen, Josef Gagnier, Max Hauser, HT Altman
Director: Kai Mariah
Writer: Kai Mariah, Travis Olson
Producer: Mariska Baranczyk
Runtime: 93 min
Synopsis: Valor's Kids is a coming of age story set in medieval times. Magic has become extinct, wizards and mythical beasts have faded away but legends still carried their tales, and wars brought borders and unrest to the kingdoms.

Valor, a war hero and ranger of the Lor Forest, is charged with the dangerous quest to stop evil magic from returning to the realm and destroying the world. He wanders seeking enchanted objects left behind by fallen wizards to gain insight as to what lies ahead.

Although the Future is his destination, he must make amends with his past before he can move forward with his quest. Upon revisiting his childhood home, he gains a companion he wasn’t expecting. A young boy named Klat, who desperately seeks adventure and knowledge, chooses to join Valor despite rejection at every turn. Like Valor, Klat feels that his young life has lost what meaning it had, with the passing of his parents.

The two are quickly drawn into a mystery by a man named Kral, who has made unwarranted attacks upon them. As they follow the clues left by the fallen wizards and learn more about this man that has attacked them, they meet their next companion; a burdened young girl named Chana, who has been blamed by her Warrior Father for not being born a boy.

The chance or "fated" meetings of these three orphans will ultimately sweep them into a conspiracy which leads a Kingdom into peril, three armies to war, and the awakening of a monster that has buried its fair share of wizards.
  Copyright: 2011
Genre: Animation, Family
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