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Record Paradise: The Musical Life of Joe Lee

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Contact: Michael Streissguth   
Director: Michael Streissguth
Writer: Michael Streissguth
Producer: Michael Streissguth
Runtime: 54 min
Synopsis: A 50-minute documentary film, Record Paradise follows record store owner Joe Lee through his off-kilter musical world. A product of two of Maryland's seminal families--the Lees and the Blairs--Joe was kicked out of prep school and rejected the world of politics and business that so many in his family embraced. Instead, he opened a record store in the early 1970s, which soon became a hub of music and the counterculture. Joe leads the camera from the warm and diverse community in his record store to the basements, stages, galleries and recording studios where he and the music of Baltimore and Washington also live. Record Paradise documents the rare personality who is Joe Lee while telling the stories of a storied political family and the deep musical tradition of the Baltimore-Washington area. Rich archival material, rollicking music, and poignant interviews enliven the film. From Michael Streissguth, the writer and co-producer of the award-winning Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison (Northern Light Productions, 2008).
Genre: Independent, Music
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"former employee of Joe's Record Parise in Takoma Park, MD 1975-1978"

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