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I Can Smoke?

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Contact: Tony Ducret   
Starring: Erica Ash, Raine Hilai, Scott Casper, Xosha Roquemore
Director: Tony Ducret
Writer: Tony Ducret
Producer: Larry Ossei-Mensah
Runtime: 18 min
Synopsis: A flight cancellation has stranded Ethan Schwartz’s wife, Kristi, in the far away city that she has traveled to for work. This has created the perfect window of opportunity for Ethan to go on the internet, and find a prostitute to help him pass the evening. Ethan finds a listing that moves him, and promptly makes the arrangements for the escort to travel to his apartment. When Carmen Feliz arrives, she is everything that Ethan could have hoped for. They make pleasantries, and begin to make progress towards the task at hand, when Ethan’s land line begins to ring. On the phone is a neighbor who emphatically requests to speak with Ethan’s wife, insisting that she just saw her in the neighborhood. This confusing development puts a little wrench in Ethan’s evening plans, and he has to quickly clean up and make Carmen disappear. The one problem here is that Carmen has decided that she doesn’t want to leave. The tension escalates drastically as Ethan considers all of the viable ways to get Carmen to change her mind.
  Copyright: 2011
Genre: Comedy, Drama
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Starring as: Sex Girl (opening credits)

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