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Killer Eyes

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Contact: Josh Accardo   
Starring: Josh Accardo, Krista Ayne, Lauren Miller
Director: Josh Accardo
Writer: Josh Accardo
Producer: Josh Accardo
Runtime: 10 min
Synopsis: KILLER EYES is a post-modern noir, silent, black and white, short film set in present day New York.KILLER EYES is the story of a late twenties MAN who suddenly loses his girlfriend to cancer. Faced with the horrors of his loss he decides to submerge them with alcohol. He sets up shop in a run of the mill Queens bar located under his apartment. Each night he sits in the same stool talking to no one but the bartender and only when he is ordering a drink.At the exact same moment a WOMAN across town has had a sneaking suspicion something is off with her live in boyfriend. One morning his phone receives a text and she decides to check it, since he's not in the room. She sees erotic pictures sent to him by another woman. In shock and distraught, she has never been with a man in her life that wanted another woman besides her. Her ego is severely damaged and she decides to take herself out for a rare night on the town. She never had to go looking before, but on this night she wanted to feel beautiful. The WOMAN walks into a bar and scans the room for prospects in her quest for validation. She spots the MAN sitting alone and approaches him. The MAN is excited to feel something new and is taken by the WOMAN's beauty.They both want to use each other for something and leads them to a night that will take a fateful turn.
  Copyright: 2012
Genre: Drama, Thriller
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