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This Is Yagidal

High Quality On-Demand Stream (Full-Screen) iPod compatible Quicktime/MOV

Contact: Imari Stevenson   
Starring: Cori Taner, Imari Stevenson
Director: Imari "16-bit Imarea" Stevenson
Writer: Imari "16-bit Imarea" Stevenson
Producer: Veon Prism Media Inc.
Runtime: 29 min
Yagidal the supreme spirit of all conflict manages to convince struggling radio preacher Boris Luther into unearthing the thought to be mystical sword Excalibur, which is what Yagidal dwells in. Yagidal being the supreme spirit of human conflict desires to make humankind immortal by creating a supernatural gap between the living and the theorized realm of eternity where all believers are said to cross over after death. Problem. To fulfill this ambition, Yagidal and his supernatural comrades, the Nefarious Six needs the katana Immortal Dragon, to be able to create the spiritual transfer. The only person standing between him and his risky game of Russian Roulet is a shady unorthodox assassin name Zero the bloodshed, who just so happens to own Immortal Dragon and is also out to get Yagidal. It's bad guy versus evil in this film. If mankind became immortal would we fulfill our hearts desires and create eternal hellfire or would we all become good?
  Copyright: Veon Prism Media Inc.
Genre: Action, Adventure
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