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Elvis,Mozart and Me

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Contact: Terry Wolfe   
Starring: Marlene Dixon, Patti Allan, Terry Wolfe
Director: Terry Wolfe, Gerry Rector
Writer: Terry Wolfe
Producer: Marlene Dixon
Runtime: 80 min
Synopsis: Two retirees Terry and Marlene start talking about making a film about channeling. Marlene goes to church to pray the movie witll be a success and finds God singing in the shower. God appears to Marlene to warn her that there a lot of angy spirits who don't want any further popularization of channeling ("I had enough trouble with my husband when we were alive"). The snti channeling committee sends two spirits to earth to sabotage the movie. The channeling begins when Terry accidently channels Antonio Salieri (Mozart's nemesis). When they start alking about sex, Shirley MacWhiner , the athor of the channeling system intervenes (this is a family channel"). But, when she hears that Terry had done an Elvis impersonation show with a gay partner she insists that Salieri bring Billy Jean onto the channel. The spirits sent to earth constantly sabotage the shooting of the movie causing Marlene to make a deal with God to allow all the spirits to appear in person. Salieri and Shirley begin to develope a romance after they attend a gay night club where Terry and Billie Jean rehearse their elvis number. The two spirits sent to earth appear in the final scene and fall in love. Terry is hooked off stage when he tries to do his white suit Elvis number and wakes from his dream. Marlene says she had a dream too - about God. Marlene now agrees to put up her half of the money for the film.
  Copyright: Terry Wolfe
Genre: Comedy, Comedy
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