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The Pilgrim

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Contact: Sean Buttimer   
Starring: Seth Abrams, Stoya, Tatiana Cazanova, John Borras
Director: Sean Buttimer
Writer: Sean Buttimer
Producer: Cynthia Granville
Runtime: 15 min
Synopsis: John has made an odd discovery. The North Woods outside the city contain clean streams, waterfalls, and...a fence. A fence that is only about waist-high; clearly nothing to keep people out. In all his years, he never knew this place existed.

Things are made even stranger when John witnesses two official-looking gents approach the fence to confer with a man and a woman on the opposite side. While the officials on John's side wear the standard-issue breathing apparatus, their counterparts wear no such thing. In fact, judging from the argument that ensues, it could be the entire reason they're on the other side of the fence.

Upon returning home, to the city, John is forced to ponder a number of questions. Who were those people? How are they allowed to live without the mandated breathing apparatus? What is on that side of the fence?
  Copyright: Yes
Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama
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